Shona Mooney was born in 1984 near Linlithgow in Scotland.  She grew up learning Scottish traditional fiddle music in the Scottish Borders region and loves playing for dancing, composing new music for the fiddle and arranging with various ensembles.  Shona's compositions derive inspiration from a winningly magpie-minded range of subjects, both human and pastoral.  She was a recipient of the 2005 BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year which led her to release her debut album Heartsease, in 2006. 

Her beautifully haunting and evocative composition Tidal Island was recorded for BBC Radio Scotland's Global Gathering, in 2012.  Since then she has earned Best Screening for a Small Ensemble in the Silent London Poll 2015 for her new score that accompanied the 1927 silent film, Annie Laurie.  Most recently Shona composed a piece called, For A' That Variation, that was played by the Strathspey & Surreal Society at Celtic Connections in 2016.  This year she was honoured to receive a Step Travel Grant from the European Commission Fund to visit Ancona Italy.  There she had the chance to form a new musical partnership and produced a song Human Equality with Clara People and Andrea Goroni in celebration of International Human Solidarity Day (20 Dec). 

Shona holds a 1st class honours from the BMus in Folk and Traditional Music degree and also a Masters in Music from Newcastle University.  She is a member of manys bands including: The Shee who have released four albums; new Scots-Irish band The Flyting; The Bridge People and Katie Doherty & The Navigators.  Currently she teaches fiddle students from the BMus Folk & Traditional Music Degree and will be studying for an MSc in Audiology this September.

"Her arrangements cover the full spectrum: from stripped-down simplicity to far-out electronic experimentalism."

- Sue Wilson (Song Lines)


With her solo projects, duets and different ensembles she has toured the UK, Europe, Jordan, Canada and USA.  In 2007, Shona was featured on Howard Goodall's Channel 4 How Music Works, and has collaborated with musicians from diverse cultures including Jordan, Catalonia and Bulgaria.  In 2009, she performed Conflict and Resolution, a musical piece to celebrate the life of artist Charles Rennie MacKintosh which connected Scottish and Catalan folk musicians alongside the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra orchestrated by David Heath.  She has collaborated with the Orchestra of Samples and in 2017 she attended her first music residency in Banff, Alberta, Canada alongside singer Amy Leach.