A few months ago I was commissioned by the Northumbrian Exchanges project to start writing a new piece of music for the Northumberland National Park.  My brief is to capture a sense of place by evoking the inspiring natural beauty, history and cultural heritage of the region.  I am really delighted to have the chance to write some new music again.

The piece will be around 30-40min piece focusing on the four distinct areas of the NNP.  The sections comprise: Cheviot; Coquetdale; North Tyne & Redesdale; and Hadrian's Wall. It will be scored for a small group music graduates from ICMus at Newcastle University.

Paul Knox - Northumbrian pipes and fiddle

Shona Mooney - fiddle

Amy Thatcher - piano accordion and clogs

David de la Haye - electric bass and live sound effects

Andy Watt - acoustic guitar and mandolin


AuthorShona Mooney