I've just arrived back to Gateshead from walking through the Hen Hole in the Cheviot region of the Northumberland National Park.  It was a fresh, crisp and windy day but the sun was out shining beautifully.  

The Hen Hole at one point was also known as Hell Hole.  This area was, according to the Border Ballad Black Adam of Cheviot, the home of the rider of Cheviot  - Black Adam.  There are also many stories about faeries beckoning in people to the Hen Hole.  These people have never returned from the Hen Hole.  Unfortunately for one of my walking guides, her ring was lost whilst climbing through the Hen Hole.  Could the ring have been stolen by one of these faeries?   

Once we reached the top of the hill I was able to look down onto the Hen Hole.  The wind nearly blew me from my feet - it was the closest feeling I have ever had to being a bird. I really am very jealous that the Ravens can fly over the Cheviots and enjoy sights like this from the air!

So far I have some melodic lines brewing in my head.  These will take shape and I'll arrange parts for the group of musicians gradually.  I also want to incorporate into the first section of the music, one of the Border Ballads - Black Adam of Cheviot.   This will hopefully be read by the wonderful John Nichol (http://www.johnnichol.co.uk/) who is based in the Scottish Borders.  He will be reading an edited version of the ballad to which I will set an atmospheric piece of music.



AuthorShona Mooney