Today I took a trip out to Coquetdale to visit Northumberland's biggest boulder.  Recently I had read about the Drake Stone, which is a 30 foot tall stone that is perched high above the Northumbrian village of Harbottle.  The stone was used to heal sick children and local folklore tells us that disembodied cries for help emanating from the stone can sometimes be heard. These stories captivated me, so with my new walking boots at the ready I set off to visit....

Glittering in the autumnal sun the sandstone Drake Stone looks out over the heather moorland.  Many of the houses and the 12th Century Harbottle Castle (which at one point was stolen and inhabited by Scots) seem to be made from the same material which twinkles in the light.  Once I had climbed up to the top of the hill, I sat beneath gazing up trying to imagine the rituals that must have taken place many years ago.  After listening carefully around the stone I wasn't sure if the wind was whistling or if my mind was playing tricks.... some say they have seen Duergar (mischievous dwarfs) in the Coquetdale region.  I knew it was time to get back to my car before the sun disappeared.


AuthorShona Mooney