I have some wonderful news to tell you!  The Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema have commissioned me to write some new music for the 1927 film, Annie Laurie, that features the prominent American film star Lillian Gish.  There she is with her beautiful ringlets and bonnet...


I have chosen to write music for a small group of musicians comprising: Amy Thatcher on accordion, Alasdair Paul on guitar/whistle and I will be playing fiddle.  The performance will be on the 22nd March 2015, which means I have only 13 weeks to complete this, so I'd better get to work on this over the Christmas period.

I'm planning to incorporate the well know melody 'Annie Laurie', which was composed by Alicia Spootiswoode (Lady John Scott) from Berwickshire (incidentally, where I grew up in the Scottish Borders). Throughout this project I will be mentored by a fabulous musician, Stephen Horne.  He plays all over the world live for silent films and I recently had the chance to see him accompany 'The Passion of Joan of Arc' - a notoriously difficult film to accompany.  He did an absolutely wonderful job, I must say, and I came away buzzing with ideas.

I'll be blogging about my writing process throughout the project, so do come back and see how I'm getting on with this challenging new project!!

AuthorShona Mooney