During the next few weeks as I perform in various places in the Northumberland National Park I will be trying to discover stories and information about Archie Dagg, a fiddler and Northumbrian piper who lived in Swindon when he retired.  Swindon is a beautiful hamlet in the Northumberland National Park.

One of my pieces has been inspired by his musical signature which I found in his book, The Coquetdale Garland.  I turned his signature A,D,A,G,G into a larger piece of music that features a jigg which has also been inspired by the tunes I found in the collection.

So far, I have been told the Dagg family were a large family based in the Upper Coquetdale region. Dagg, in fact is a Border Reiver family name.  Archie made Kathryn Tickell's first set of Northumbrian pipes and she still uses the bellows he made for her.  Archie liked to name his tunes after the people and places in which he spent his time.  Swindon is one of my particular favourites - myself and Paul Knox will be playing this alongside a few other tunes inspired by Coquetdale landscape and history.

So, if you come along to the performances please feel free to tell me your stories of Archie Dagg and his music.  Perhaps you knew him, or even own a set of his pipe reeds? The concerts are on the 28th Feb in Alwinton Church and the 14th March inBellingham Town Hall.  both start at 7:30pm (£3 tickets on the door).

AuthorShona Mooney