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Strathspey & Surreal Society: Celtic Connections Festival, Glasgow

Prior to recent decades’ quantum expansion in traditional music education, Scotland’s strathspey and reel societies were often the only avenue available for young musicians to practise their craft. One such was Lau fiddler Aidan O’Rourke, who still considers his membership of the Oban society an invaluable apprenticeship.

Now, any idea arising jointly from O’Rourke and folk/jazz fusioneer Simon Thoumire promises exciting results, and so it is with this afternoon’s four world premières, of compositions by both artists, and by fiddler Shona Mooney and pianist Jennifer Austin, for a 21-strong fiddle band. O’Rourke and Thoumire’s aim is simultaneously to honour the SRS tradition, and hopefully contribute to future repertoire. 

The other featured fiddlers are Adam Sutherland, Innes Watson, Ross Couper, Jenna Reid, Rua Macmillan, Patsy Reid, Lori Watson, Kristan Harvey, Megan Henderson, Chris Stout, Jack Smedley, Mhairi Mackinnon and Laura Wilkie, plus top fiddle students Ryan Young, Sally Simpson, Robbie MacKenzie, Bernadette Kellermann, Madeleine Stewart and Graham Rorie.

Please note: This concert takes place in the Main Auditorium of Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.