Amy Leach (Vocals, Piano), Shona Mooney (fiddle, vocals), Sean O'Kane (button accordion, vocals) and Alasdair Paul (guitar, banjo and vocals)

The Flyting are an exciting new folk band steeped in the rich musical traditions of Scotland and Ireland. Their captivating sound weaves together powerful ballads, savagely driving instrumental sets, contemplative slow airs and self-penned material. 

Having met on the Newcastle traditional music session scene in 2003, fiddler Shona Mooney and Belfast accordionist Sean O'Kane formed The Flyting in 2017 alongside Scots singer Amy Leach and Highland guitarist Alasdair Paul. Highlighting common threads between their cultures the group unleash their unique, feisty and innovative approach.  Expect to be swept away on a musical adventure of enthralling songs, dynamic tunes, captivating tales, perhaps some tirades and, without a doubt, lots of fun. 



Clara Popolo (Vocals, Guitar, Drums & Percussion) Shona Mooney (Fiddle, Vocals) Alice Robinson (Northumbrian Smallpipes, Clarinet, Vocals)

Musicians travelling from Scotland, England and Italy merge the sound of their traditional instruments with contemporary songwriting to build a bridge connecting their cultures. People who travel to urban cities in search of work are known as, Bridge People. This new trio draws together Scottish fiddler Shona Mooney, Northumbrian bagpiper Alice Robinson and Italian singer-songwriter Clara Popolo (People) to share their strong cultural connections moving forward with fearless experimentation and attitude. The Bridge People want to find a collective musical home that is hard to pigeon hole.

What does Scottish fiddle music or Northumbrian smallpipe music mean to you? Historically, the fiddle (or violin) made its way into Scotland's musical life in the 1600s from Italy and its repertoire has been highly influenced by Italian musicians who were working in the urban centres. Italian chord progressions passamezzo antico/moderno were absorbed into the Scottish and English musical fabric and many Italian dance forms became very fashionable. Scots fiddle tunes continue to be played on the Northumbrian pipes and fiddlers take great pride playing the wild music of the bagpipes. Unafraid to be honest, Clara's songs are resonant with experience and delivered powerfully with her bewitching stage presence.

The Bridge People take inspiration from these cultural bridges and focus towards developing a dynamic sound full of melodic intricacy, personality and drive. And, it's not just sound that they enjoy sharing: its a meeting of like-minds, ideas, languages, tea, wine and whisky!



The Shee celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2016 with the release of their fourth album, Continuum. It showcases their three exceptionally strong singers alongside astonishing instrumental prowess. Their diverse range of individual musical influences combine to produce an adventurous brew of folk, Gaelic and Bluegrass. The arrangements on the new album are a mixture of their signature complex, inter-weaving textures and a brave, stripped-back feel on certain tracks.   The new album, in part, illustrates a different side to a band unafraid to explore new territory and mix their ever-changing individual influences together, all the while managing to maintain a unique, recognisable sound.



Katie Doherty, is an award winning singer-songwriter based in the North East of England. Katie's latest project is a collaboration with fellow North East based musicians Dave Gray and Shona Mooney...exciting developments will be announced shortly! She studied music at Newcastle University which included performance time at The Sage Gateshead. Through this she was discovered by the Folkworks initiative, which has championed her work. At the Sage, she has supported Karine Polwart, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, and Ray Davies Katie has also performed with fellow North Eastern musician Kathryn Tickell and recorded the song "Winter is Past" on Tickell's album Strange But True. Her first solo album Bridges was released in October 2007, on the Park Records label. Katie has worked as composer and musical director for theatre productions at Newcastle's Northern Stage theatre and the RSC under the direction of Samuel West. She is associate artist with November Club theatre company for whom she recently composed the Musical Beyond The End of The Road. Katie is a regular guest with folk band Broom Bezzums. She added vocal harmonies on two tracks on their 2011 album, Wine From a Mug (the title track and Empire Windrush). After two German tours with the band she was asked to contribute more vocal performances for the 2012 album, Winterman. On the 2015/16 release, No Smaller Than the World, Katie contributed the song from which the album title was taken, Passing Through, also taking on lead vocals. Her singing features on eight further songs on this album.