Musical tradition continues to be inspired by legend, landscape and love for the Scottish Borders and Northumberland.

Having grown up immersed in the music and culture of the Scottish and English Borders, the acclaimed fiddler, Shona Mooney (BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician 2006) unites with fellow accordionist extraordinaire Amy Thatcher and the highly imaginative guitarist Andy Watt. Together they create a scintillating new sound, sharing a deep commitment and passion for their traditional music. Seamlessly they move between self-penned compositions, reflecting countless contemporary influences and timeless old favourites.

Shona's unmistakable fiddle playing is complemented with innovative, gutsy and expressive arrangements by her companions. Expect occasional percussive clog dances from Amy, dazzling flat-picking tunes by Andy and a couple of songs from Shona. Allow your senses to be awakened and connect deeply with the musical heritage of the Scottish Borders and Northumberland.

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Shona & Amy

Shona and Amy began playing music together in Newcastle-upon-Tyne whilst attending the BMus Folk and Traditional Music degree at Newcastle University.  They continue to arrange traditional and newly composed tunes in there unique fresh approach to the box and fiddle partnership.  


The Shee 

The Shee is an exceptional all-female band and Murmurations, their third CD, further showcases their three exceptionally string singers alongside astonishing instrumental prowess.  Their diverse range of individual musical influences combine to produce an adventurous brew of folk, Gaelic and Bluegrass. The arrangements on the new album are a mixture of their signature complex, inter-weaving textures and a brave, stripped-back feel on certain tracks.   The new album, in part, illustrates a different side to a band unafraid to explore new territory and mix their ever-changing individual influences together, all the while managing to maintain a unique, recognisable sound.